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Americans care deeply about our national system of parks and monuments. From the Grand Canyon to the Statue of Liberty, national monuments protect our lands and waters and act as living testaments to our citizen valor, our hardships, our victories, our traditions as Americans—from prehistoric times through the present.

The Antiquities Act enables us to leave a tangible record to help our children and grandchildren appreciate our rich history and the people and lands that have shaped us as a nation.

Our public lands and waters are where we connect with America’s history, hunt with our friends, camp with our families and enjoy the solitude and natural beauty of our country.

We also know that protected public lands benefit local economies, provide access to critical open space and honor the legacy of our military, cultural and historic icons that shaped the fabric of our nation.

In the past several years, an increasingly diverse coalition, including small businesses, sportsmen, veterans, African American, Latino and Native American communities, and conservation groups have called on congressional leaders to do more – not less – to protect our shared public lands.

Business Community

“Protecting public lands and designating national monuments through the use of the Antiquities Act is something that sustains jobs, grows...

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Conservation Community

“With a House majority hell-bent on preventing new National Parks and even pushing oil and gas drilling in our National...

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Hispanic Community

“Congress needs to pay attention to Latino voters, a rapidly growing electorate that’s making its voice heard at the ballot...

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Sportsmen Community

“The Antiquities Act has a rich history deeply rooted in the heritage of America’s conservation movement. Hunters and anglers were...

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Veteran Community

“Having fought to serve and protect our country, veterans overwhelming understand the importance of America’s public lands. In fact, a...

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